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JSA College of Agriculture and Technology


The Student Welfare Committee seeks to provide support to the educational process to advance the student academic and personal abilities. The Committee abides with the programs set by the College to provide a unique academic environment based on positive interaction among the students and the college.

Ø  The Student Welfare Committee aims at enabling them to face problems that hinder their academic success or the academic process, with the end of qualifying them professionally upon the national and regional levels.

Ø  It helps the students understand their unique personal abilities and tendencies through interviews and assessment tests.

Ø   It also helps students with psychological issues achieve reconciliation with the self and the other.

Ø  It helps overcome educational difficulties in languages and suggest appropriate solutions.

Ø  It helps develop the student interactive skills, such as translation, communication and teaching skills.

Ø  It fosters discovering and boosting the student skills through the proper social, sports and cultural activities.

Ø  Maintain a strong relationship among the student and his/her colleagues on the one hand and among the student and the faculty, staff and administrative members.

Ø  Boost the student individuality, autonomy and self-dependence through giving them the freedom to choose, maintain and organize their activities of interest.

Ø  Boost the students desire to learn, qualifying them to face various educational situations and interact with the Faculty services offered.

  Click here to download the list of Office Bearers.