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JSA College of Agriculture and Technology

The term library means different things to different sources depending on where they stand on the enlighten spectrum. If the people are to stay literate, they must have access to a wide variety of written materials and continue the habit of reading. Library and information services are factors in providing essential resources for agriculture, forest and life sciences. Our library supports the curriculum and as well as stocks valuable books which in general encourages reading.

Library resources are those materials which are both printed and non-printed that support curricular and personal informational needs. It procures printed materials, news papers, weekly and monthly magazines, scientific journals text, dictionary, non print materials including compact disks, audio and video tapes and computer softwares. Directories, encyclopedia, yearbooks as well as subject specific reference books.

On Jan 14, 2017 , A biannual newsletter named “JSACAT NEWSLETTER” has been released to benefit the agrarian community.

Academic year 2019 onwards “JSACAT NEWSLETTER” is regularly as a QUARTELY.

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