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JSA College of Agriculture and Technology

Secretary .

Secretary & Correspondent

Completed Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 2012 at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, MBA in Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya and Post Graduate Degree in Management, in International Management Institute, Brussels, Belgium.

Born and brought up in an Agriculture family and developed interest in the field of Agriculture. With a view of supporting agricultural development he aimed at educating the youngsters about the latest technologies on agriculture, more specifically in socio economically backward areas. Through “JSA College of Agriculture and Technology” he accomplishes his objectives in achieving increase in agricultural production by teaching the innovative technologies utilising efficient faculties.

His vision is to ensure our young graduates are well versed with improved techniques.Has very good organisational skills and communication skills. He works towards helping others and anticipate what might be needed for the future for the development of the organisation. He supports various aspects of the business, often taking care of administrative tasks like managing schedules, organising events, etc. He ensures that all efforts of the college are focussed on providing the best facilities and opportunities to students, to enable them to learn and grow in a congenial and rewarding environment.

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